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Painting Steps - Example 5: Working with Shapes

製作過程 例5 ベジエ曲線を使う

使用ソフト:Fractal Design Painter 4.0.3
Painter 4 has a Bézier curve editing tool called Shapes. We can also use this to draw pictures. Editing Bézier curves is quite difficult if you are not used to it, but lines created with Shapes can be converted to masks, which is quite convenient when using masks to color with airbrush etc.
Software used: Fractal Design Painter 4.0.3

(a) 下描きを基に人物を幾つかのパーツに分けてベジエ曲線を作っていきます。
Based on the sketch, I divided the person in the sketch into several parts and created Bézier curves.
Tools Palette - Quick Curve Tool
適当に描いた下描きに沿って、Quick Curve Toolでなぞっていくと、なぞった部分がベジエ曲線として編集できるオブジェクトすなわちシェイプス(Shapes)になります。
When I traced the sketch using the Quick Curve Tool, each traced part became an object that could be edited as a Bézier curve, that is "a Shape".
What I created here is the shape of the person's left arm.
For each shape, we can specify the fill color, stroke color, and thickness. For this shape, I specified a flesh-colored fill and a brown outline as shown in the image below (b).
(b) こうやって作った各パーツを、ベジエ曲線として編集しながら形を整えていきます。
I adjusted the shape of each part created in this way by editing them as Bézier curves.
Objects Palette - (b)
The part selected here is the left arm part. The placement of the points may not be very good. I think it would be easier to create a better shape by using fewer points.
At this stage, I added outlines to make the shapes of each part stand out.
(c) 次に彩色します。
Next, color them.
Objects Palette - (c)
ここでは主にエアブラシのThin Strokeを使って彩色しています。細かい部分はFeather Tipを使っています。
In order to color, we need to convert the shapes to floaters. Shapes with outlines are converted to floaters for outlines and floaters for filled areas separately.
These filled areas act as masks on the floaters, so we can color them fairly freely while maintaining the shape.
In this example, I mainly used the Thin Stroke of the Airbrush tool to color. For fine details I also used Feather Tip.
(d) さらに描き込みます。最終的に輪郭線は必要無くなったので、消してしまいました。
Continue to paint. In the end, the outlines wer no longer needed, so I deleted them.
Objects Palette - (d)