K's Gallery


This page stores the images used in this web site before.
This is only a trial piece that I made for designing web pages when I created this site. Regardless of the purpose in making it, I had used it as a cover illustration of this site for quite a long time.
PC Paintbrush 1.0J (25-Dec-96)
This is a snowscape of the country Azumino in Nagano prefecture, where I spent my boyhood about twenty years ago.
Fractal Design Painter 4.0.3 (05-Mar-97)
I modeled this picture on an illustration in the home page of Miramax Films web site. The words "K's JOOK JOINT" on the neon sign are just the title of the famous album of Quincy Jones.
Fractal Design Painter 4.0.3 and my own paint program for Windows (02-Aug-97)